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There never were any good old days,They are today, they are tomorrow.It's a stuipd thing we say,Cursing tomorrow with sorrow-Gogol Bordello, UltimateThe constant new technology is destroying our kids' minds crap normally doesn't worry me but there have been a few people recently promoting it here in Australia and the quality of the arguments is pretty poor.Baroness Professor Susan Greenfield is one example. She thinks that screen culture is going to do permanent damage to our brains because they are very adaptable, sensitive, vulnerable brains .On screen culture :[...] it's primarily a world of a small child, a world of the here and now, a world of a sound byte, a world of an instant frozen moment where nothing has consequences, and where everything is literal. Where nothing has a meaning, you're not saying one thing in terms of something else, you're saying literally, what you see is what you get.You see, according to the good Baroness Professor, screen culture is two-dimension[al] , because it lacksmetaphor, abstract concepts, logical narrative, conceptual frame works, long attention spans, imagination.Now, I don't know about everyone else, but that sure as hell hasn't been my experience of the interwebs, computers, games, mobile communication or whatever else. I say that as someone who loves books, films and conversations, too. I also like that I can have a library of ~125 books on my iPod.And Miranda Devine (who, to be fair, is a hack of a writer) adores her and loves promoting her ideas in the most nonsensical ways possible.(all quotes from the Baroness Professor from )


panadol/nurofen plusPersonally i wouldnt get a root canal most of them end up nidneeg to be taken out anyway! and its such a waste of moneyHome remedy i have heard of and used myself for any dental apin is find some clove leaves and place it on the tooth that is giving greif, keep it there for a while like 30mins and stop thinking about it!Not total pain relief u still need the tooth out or what ever


Yeah, with any advanced dirtveice, the point is advanced. The Will to Live addresses pregnancy with a presumption for life for mother and baby. I also made sure my doctors had the same opinions on the value of human life I do. It's amazing how little that plays a role in choosing health care professionals. Of course, if it's an emergency, you have no choice. But your regular doctor can still advocate for you if you.


How do we know what she wants.Easy, she married a man and empeowred him with the ability to make certain choices for her in the event that she was unable to make them or communicate them herself.Her choice is a legal one, and under existing law, it's crystal-clear.The rest of your philosophical meanderings are interesting, but mostly irrelevant. Other than subvering the rule of law to the rule of religion, there is no reason for Mrs. Schiavo to be alive today. JRC


Was this your OB doctor, or faimly doctor that prescribed this medicine? I always ran every medicine prescribed to me past my OB while pregnant- they are the experts. If the OB prescribed it, then I would have to decide if I wanted to take the medication or not ( unless it was absolutely needed, like antibiotics, etc.) If you have not seen an OB yet, its really time to get one.In the meantime, try to relax and consider some other methods to safely treat your heaches and nausea.Tylenol is usually safe in pregnancy- you can double check this with a pharmacist and OB. For nausea, I relied heavily on ginger ale and plain saltine crackers. I tried to not be without them at all during the day. I vomited a ton with my first child. I ate the crackers first thing in the morning I kept them on my nightstand with a bottle of water- and drank ginger ale as soon as I got out of bed and off and on throughout the day as needed. Ginger can really settle a stomach. Most of these problems resolve as you get into 14-16 weeks pregnancy, as your body becomes more adjusted to pregnancy hormones and some of the earlier hormones balance out. There are always stories of miscarriage, etc. but it sounds like you are watcing out for yourself and doing everything you can to protect you and baby's health. try not to worry and get in to see your OB to address your concerns. Take care.


This sounds like a quiestons that really needs to be answered by a professional. Sometimes pharmaceutical companies put those kinds of warnings on medication to avoid liability in a lawsuit, but the medication can still be used under appropriate medical supervision.On the other hand, doctors do make mistakes, especially general practioners who might not have a lot of experience with OB patients.My advice is this: try to find a pharmacy that is open 24 hours in your area, and phone them. Ask to speak to the pharmacist, not whoever answers the phone. Ask him/her about it. They are generally more knowledgeable than doctors about this, because it is their job! Follow the pharmacist's advice, whatever it is, until you can get back to your doctor. If you don't trust him/her, try to see another one. Your pregnancy is just beginning. You ought to find someone you completely trust to see you through this momentous period of your life.

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