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This is great, Katie.You clearly show the the power of story,the counrdnum of mammography in contemporary medical care, and all the grey areas in between. Because that's what we're walking through. Grey areas of confusion in obtaining accurate readings AND interpretations of something suspicious that ranged from squamous cell to the more common IDC. I could understand how mine was misread (though certainly not at the time) in l998, years before digital and better imaging technologies. But yours was much more recent.We should all be troubled by this; and we all need to continue the message making that mammography isn't everything. There are no guarantees.Thanks,jms


Thank you for telling your patniets.My doctor chose not to and after 10 years of normal screening mammos and two ultrasounds, the MRI that I demanded found not one but two stage 2 invasive tumors in my left breast. The surgeon who did my mastectomy told me they had been in there fir up to 10 years and no mammogram would ever find them because if my dense breast tissue.


. This matter of unesrnesacy or excessive treatment is then repeated in the penultimate paragraph: therapies such as surgery, radiation, chemo and long-term hormone pills can mean serious, long-term side effects, Warner says. What about the pathology report, what about the Oncotype Dx test? This article suggests doctors have no tools for distinguishing between types of tumors!I've seen this suggested in other articles too. It seems a dangerously misleading omission. Or am I missing the point, somehow? (Are some women rushed into treatment without adequate testing on their particular tumor?) What's your take on this?


I have had several since I am (slightly!) over 40 and your decpristion is spot on. Really no pain at all. I would add by experience that going when your tender in your chest area (for me a few days a month) is miserable big mistake and excruciating! Lesson learned.


that a studies show self besart exams don't make a difference in preventing cancer. I was never good about them and so didn't stop because of his statement.But ..the exams by the gyne docs seem to be so fast ..I do wonder how they could really feel anything and know the difference unless extremely obvious. Actually ..i would think women would be aware of more if they consistently did the self exam. As far as radiation ..personally I've had so many abd cts ..that mammos are the least of my concerns ..unless the radiation to the besart could activate a cancer process. ?****************My direct question was going to ask about Cornell physicians and Sloan Kettering. Would it be alright if I ask here? With the understanding that you may prefer not to answer ..although it is a general ..anyone may be interested question.********************************In coming over here to see if you have e-mail I read your Ask a Simple Question post. HILARIOUS!Would it be alright if I put it up in it's entirety as my next post,link to it and tell everyone that the comments to this post are also very funny ..or something like that?Either way ..thanks for the laugh that was great!


Thanks TBTM. Okay ..I will still link to it. I'll just put a little teaesr because I know people don't always follow links. Ha! Although if sex is mentioned ..probably an enticer for sure.I didn't see an e-mail address. It's probably right in front of me. But where? And YOU are the one person who explained menopause ..the one day marker thing and I have since explained it to other women. Amazing that so many women don't really understand something so important.Your welcome and you have a great blog. Unbelievable that I am by definition still peri-menopausal. But I do think that this might be the last 6 month stretch toward *the* day.

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