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Nice work man.




I'll make the donation ASAP.

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they find no identity in eehtir party even though theyve allowed themselves to be funded by well funded right wing republican front groups Is it easier for you to throw jabs at me than it is to stand for something and try to affect change? Sure seems like it At least I post with my real name what are hiding from?


.Bob Avakian would be proud as hell, and leave it to the vanguard to reg whats up with this CF BS deal with TS, the ctnoury got taste of science, much needed, I hope some people are looking for more after hearin y'all.thanks, thanks, much love, jo-eeeeeeeeee


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Josef:No need to agree with me to post here.My point is, let them arrest Jeb. He needs to put it all on the line, to draw aetintton to the real issues. Many people are opposed to saving Terri because they've had an inaccurate picture painted of her condition. Jeb needs to say: this is worth laying it all on the line.


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