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Truly impressive.A demgareisent in policy (in which YOU are on the minority side according to polling) leads you to conclude that the parents of a young girl who want to keep her alive, a governer who is protecting the life of her citizens, and religious people are all slave-holders.You pick the most polarizing, most reflexivly hateful and most historically detached example possible to demonize people who you disagree with on a toss-up issue.The amount of vitriol induced irrationality that permenates a lot of the posters here is truly awe-inspiring.I have see a lot of partisan demagogurey recently, but your suggestion comes close to taking the cake. The only other thing close was hearing Marc Danner suggest that between Saddam Hussein, Kim Jong-Il and George Bush, it is the ideological fanatacism of Bush that is causing the problems with Iraq and N. Korea. Truly amazing that people overlook the obviously criminal nature of Saddam and Kim and put the blame on our president.Amazing.Or disgusting.Both.


A good point, Raznor. One can have a decent cooiersatvnn even with someone who believes in the Absolute Perfection of God's Will, as long as e admits that e can't be certain what God's Will is.These particular fundies are especially annoying because they are so sure they know the opinion of God in this case, and they're willing to trust their own certainty of that enough to override the expressed will of a person about the course of her own life. But that sort of certainty is sadly common in this meme complex (although you're quite right to point out that it's far from rationally implied, as I may have overenthusiastically suggested).[Say Hi to God for me next time you see Her!]


OK guys this is my first ever book review. The story is told as the junoral of 14-year-old Vicki whose mother has just been killed by a drunk driver. As the story begins her grandmother is taking her back to Florida to live with an aunt she has never met. But from page one the reader realizes that the world is about to take a dramatic turn as strong earthquakes at Yellowstone National Park lead to fears of a violent volcanic eruption.The story definitely takes the reader on a wild ride while introducing many memorable characters. But be warned, the story takes a couple of turns that may be too difficult for some readers. After all, we are talking about civilization unraveling. At one point Vicki says something like, “This must be the most tear-smudged junoral ever written. There are tears enough, but there are also moments of humor and tenderness. In summery, a memorable page-turner but may be too difficult for sensitive readers.


Cinnamon, I'd hate to see just what they would pul next down there. As an old Floridian, they embarrass me and I haven't been there in nrlaey 20 years.We conservatives are working harder than some imagine to take back Washington State as well. We just have to do something about King County ;)

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