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Limit malpractice risk. What else should be done? You keep making various proposals that would rather rapidly increase the cost of health care beyond the highest in the world, growing at 6% a year (that's about three times inflation in this era). Where is this money going to come from?


The numbers don't make sense to me. If a doctor who interprets mammograms opens him/herself to the malpractice risk you suggest, then a lousy $5 shouldn't make any difference. A quick net search indicates that a malpractice settlement averages ~$200K - jury verdicts appear to come in 4-5 times that amount. It would take 40K mammogram interpretations to cover that settlement - if the doc paid personally instead of the malpractice insurer. The level of risk you suggest would make reading 40K mammograms a losing proposition - so why did the docs dive right in?


The MD's already had malpractice insurance in place, paid for by Kaiser, as part of their benefits package. As long as the lawsuit was within their coverage limits (1-3 million) they would not personally pay.

The point is that people, no matter who they are or what their profession, respond to incentive and stimuli, financial incentive being one of the most powerful. It doesn't matter what one's stance is morally or ethically, if one chooses to ignore this fact the result will be a deterioration in product or services. The USSR learned this the hard way. Thanks for reading.


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