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venkoba srinivas

You are quite right in that Medicine is an evolving science. The 'art' in Clinical Medicine is the way we communicate, evoke confidence in the patient and the honesty with which we do the 'right' things. I am sure you would have come across any number of patients who became better without much input from you. Though you can argue that is the natural history of that disease in that patient, you still wonder when someone with the same illness who is hard to satisfy, does not somehow believe in your skills, goes downhill!That's the 'art of medicine'

M. Hiranuma

I believe that the "art" of medicine is, in actuality, the science of neurolinguistic programming. It is the ability of the physician to use all of his/her senses to detect subtle differences from the norm, whether through ascultation, palpation or observation.


Communication is important. Maybe the highest forms of communication approach what is implied by "art;" however, this is not unique to the practice of medicine. All people and professionals do better with more refined and higher levels of communoication.

I have to strongly disagree that any patient could possibly get better because of something I said. I believe that kind of thinking is one of the big problems we have had in medicine.

I believe what you are referring to is a statistical phenomenon. Something like 97% of all illnesses get better by themselves. This statistical phenomenon of observation is the reason chiropractors stay in business and people swear by magnets that palliate arthritis, etc.

I in no way believe that a patient's faith in my skills is in any way curative. Monoclonal antibodies are curative. Surgery is curative.

There is no art in medicine.


M. Hiranuma makes an interesting post about neurolinguistic programming.

I don't know the literature on this but I will say that I would be willing to bet some big bucks that even Spiderman's senses of auscultation and observation are less that 1/1000 the ability of an echocardiogram (or an MRI of the heart) or a CT of the abdomen.

The physician's physical abilities to detect subtle alterations in physiology are inherently limited by the spatial resolution of his retinae, the minimum observable discriminatory distance between two palpable points, and the shrinking cortex that is housed so pitifully in the fish tank of his skull.

Computers are limited by memory. And that doubles every 1.5 years.

Mohamed Osman

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