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It's that time of year again. The holidays are upon us, and the internet will soon slow to a crawl as bloggers of all faiths spend more time with their families, take vacations, or just sit back and relax. But... [Read More]

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MaDhOuSe MaDmAn



Sorry, I gagged a little bit when they mentioned The Lancet was prestigious. But I really must find out whether I am a peacock, turkey, or dodo!


I do hope you didn't mean to imply that the photo is Kamran Abbasi, because if it isn't the captain of the Pakistan cricket team, then I really should get back to work.
While the BMJ is a well-respected journal, I don't think you should read too much into its claims of superiority over most other journals - everyone does that, right?
I do agree, though, that it needs to sort out its priorities.
Interesting blog, by the way.


Amazing... Nice job in fisking this editorial!


I would like to thank bcl in pointing out an error. The photo I inserted near Kamran Abbasi is NOT he. For those in the know, it is obvious, but my juxtaposition is misleading. I intend to correct it. Thank you.

dr. charles

Wow... it doesn't matter from what end of the political spectrum you come, that doesn't belong in the BMJ. nice editorial.


It's a grasshopper.


Talk to Google.


Shackles of the rich? AMERICA F*** YEAAAY!

I wrote back telling them it was better than the shackles of the poor...wonder if they'll print it?


This may put The Onion out of business. Honestly, I thought you were pulling an early April Fool's joke...

Tom Vamvanij

Wow, Dr. Boyle, I wish my doctor were half as funny as you.

May I suggest, though, changing the link's URL, which now points to the BMJ's current issue, to this one:


Just in case someone needs the movie amnesia analysis, you know.

Also, have you corrected the photo? Far from being in the know when it comes to cricket, I would've been misled, too. (If you haven't, I recommend simply taking it down.)


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Susan R

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